Thursday, January 8, 2015

#Google Educator Status

It's funny: years of using Google Apps as my go-to productivity suite -- both personally and as an educator -- and only now am I getting around to getting certified.

Today I completed the last of five courses to get certified as a Google Educator.  View my results here.

'Google Educator' status should not be confused with 'Google Education Trainer' status, which is the next level of certification and requires considerably more effort than merely some online study/revision/tests.  Nevertheless, 'Google Educator' certification is a necessary step in the journey to become a certified 'Trainer' and admittedly was quite challenging.  Sometimes that questions seemed rather haphazard and sometimes ambiguous.  I also feel that perhaps some instructional design wouldn't go astray to improve the online assessment method so that it more accurately assesses one's understanding of Google Apps/Chromebooks etc in educational contexts, rather than merely a hodgepodge of minutiae which perhaps merely shows one's ability to search out answers under pressure.  The next level of qualification does take a much more rigorous approach, requiring the submission of case-studies, videos, and references, amongst other materials.  This will certainly more accurately reflect my ability to use GAFE, Chromebooks etc in educational settings, and truth be told has me a little daunted.  Not for material being wanting, but more because of the time that will need to go into the application.  No time to start like the present then...

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