Monday, November 24, 2014

Using #Blogger as a Portfolio Tool

Awesome Hamilton East Teachers
Last Friday I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful teachers at Hamilton East School to create blogs which they can use as reflective portfolios.

Access the complete list of blogs at the bottom of this post.

Feedback from the team:

"I really liked how good the instructions were both from Saunil and from the online instructions. Also I liked having the time to do it instantly as we went. I'm going to use my blog to document all the time." -- Kat

"I enjoyed the specific step by step instructions for how to set up my own blog. The screen shots were fantastic way to make sure that I was on the right track of setting up the process. I now have a place to post up videos and photos as evidence of my teaching practice." -- Tash

"I liked having a usable product at the end. The availability of exemplars was helpful too. I'm now going to use my phone to document evidence of teaching practise." -- Kerry

"I liked the scaffolding to allow for individual learners. Now I will become a Blogger re my professional practice." -- Pippa

"I liked having plenty of time to actually do it. Clear instructions. Hands on help." -- Sheryl

"I was pleased to have a complete blog up and running from the day, a sense of achievement for me given I find ICT challenging. I now can use my blog as a learning journal and make it work for me in terms of reflection which is something that gets negated at times." -- Shelley

Saunil was extremely patient and really helpful. I can now make better connections with my colleagues as at times it is impossible to connect with them other than on line and also to have transparent, reflective practice." -- Jude

Good, easy instructions to follow. Interactive - not just sitting and listening. Practical Ideas to use going forward. -- Emma

So hands on. We had to do it and learn it for ourselves. Saunil was very good and keeping it short and sharp. -- Eve

I will be recording class activities and DAT's (deliberate acts of teaching) and my personal PL onto this blog as well as continuing the class blog. Also colleague collaboration will be enhanced. -- Maggie

Below is the complete list of blogs Ham East teachers created on the day:

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