Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blogger as a Reflective Portfolio Tool

On Monday I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful teachers at James Street School in Whakatane, showing them how they can use Blogger as a reflective portfolio tool.

An outstanding group to work with!

Read feedback from the session, including the blogs teachers created:

"I liked having the time post-setup to add posts etc and generally get into the application of the blogger - opens your eyes to what it might look like in due course. The setting up phase went pretty well I thought since there were plenty of people all working at different paces." -- Norah (Principal)

"I liked the availability of Saunil to assist with questions. He had a friendly, helpful manner. All of today's work is valuable. I'm now keen to use the mobile app to upload on the spot learning - can see how this would be instantly valuable in my class." -- Kiri


"Today was hands-on and very user-friendly. Saunil went at a steady pace and made it easy. Now I will be able to add things to my portfolio straight away before I forget and it will make me use Blogger more. I now view the teacher registration differently." -- Shelley


"I've developed a tool that will be useful to myself and students. Saunil was extremely patient with lots of people needing his help." -- Michelle

"I liked the way Saunil gave us a number of instructions and then allowed people to move at their own pace, helping those who required it, and not holding up those who were more google/ IT literate.  Now I can use my phone app to capture learning and add it to my blog." -- Roz


"I liked the manner in how the workshop was delivered. Saunil made it a relaxed and comfortable environment for me to be able to absorb it. I am eager and excited to follow this through as it is going to be valuable to me. Now I can follow my colleagues and continue learning and gaining confidence." -- Diane


"As a beginning teacher working towards full registration, I love the idea of using this tool to provide evidence to meet the Registered Teacher Criteria. I can now take lots of photos of my students' learning with my phone and put them straight on my blog. Yay!" -- Jodie


"I liked the opportunity to learn about blogging as this is a totally new approach and this workshop was very informative." -- Stacey


"I enjoyed this workshop. I liked the fact that it was useful and not an add on." -- Isaac

"Hands-on and useful" -- Amber

"I can't wait to use phone to instantly add to my blog." -- Ana

"I liked the leisurely pace things took - having the time to do things without feeling rushed." -- Henna

"I can now take photos and upload to my blog to capture those exciting teaching and learning moments." -- Sandra



  1. Cool to read all of those comments. All positive and inspiring.

    1. Absolutely Kiri! Great learning and I can't wait to see how your blogs develop.