Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Awesome PLD @ OLOF

More great learning with Vanessa and Paula at Our Lady Fatima School.

Vanessa and Paula

Monday, November 24, 2014

Using #Blogger as a Portfolio Tool

Awesome Hamilton East Teachers
Last Friday I had the pleasure of working with the wonderful teachers at Hamilton East School to create blogs which they can use as reflective portfolios.

Access the complete list of blogs at the bottom of this post.

Feedback from the team:

"I really liked how good the instructions were both from Saunil and from the online instructions. Also I liked having the time to do it instantly as we went. I'm going to use my blog to document all the time." -- Kat

"I enjoyed the specific step by step instructions for how to set up my own blog. The screen shots were fantastic way to make sure that I was on the right track of setting up the process. I now have a place to post up videos and photos as evidence of my teaching practice." -- Tash

#PLD with Gerry @ OLF School

PLD with Gerry
A great day with Gerry at Our Lady of Fatima School.  We worked on:
  • Coordinating, collaborating and communicating using Google Sites
  • Connecting with whanau and community using Blogger
  • Using Google Classroom to communicate, connect and coordinate.
View Gerry's class blog.

Looking forward to day 2 tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#Chromebooks in the Classroom

Presentation at Waikato University's mLearning Day 2014.

Presentation blurb:

Have you heard about Chromebooks, yet have no idea what they are or how they might be relevant in your learning environment? Do you have Chromebooks in your learning environment, yet still have questions about how to get the most from them? If so, then attend this mini-workshop to learn the how and why of Chromebooks in the classroom. Get hands-on with the the Chrome operating system (Chrome OS). Find out why Chromebooks may be the ideal device for your learners.

Access Saunil's Google presentation for this event

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blogger as a Reflective Portfolio Tool

On Monday I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful teachers at James Street School in Whakatane, showing them how they can use Blogger as a reflective portfolio tool.

An outstanding group to work with!

Read feedback from the session, including the blogs teachers created:

"I liked having the time post-setup to add posts etc and generally get into the application of the blogger - opens your eyes to what it might look like in due course. The setting up phase went pretty well I thought since there were plenty of people all working at different paces." -- Norah (Principal)

"I liked the availability of Saunil to assist with questions. He had a friendly, helpful manner. All of today's work is valuable. I'm now keen to use the mobile app to upload on the spot learning - can see how this would be instantly valuable in my class." -- Kiri