Friday, October 31, 2014

#21CLD Legends @VicUniWgtn

Last Friday, I had the privilege of working with enthusiastic teachers from the Wellington region on 21st century learning design.

Learn more about the workshop here

Feedback on the day was really positive and I look forward to running the workshop again.

Some comments from participants:

What was your main motivation for attending the workshop?

Incorporating the [21CLD] rubrics into our teaching. How to incorporate ideas with increasing availability to technology in the classroom.

Looking to explore new learning concepts and justify the integration of IT into curriculum.

Thinking backwards from the rubric as a guide to redesign the training courses I run.

To get ideas how to design activities or units of work that are 21st century or future-focused. As a school we are trialing curriculum integration and teacher collaboration of planning and teaching in year 9 so looking for good ideas how to work with teachers about design of tasks.

I am going to be involved in an integrated learning hub for Year 9 students in 2015. Our school has also introduced structural change to the timetable going to 100min periods. I want to have more 21C based skills in my teaching practice.

Getting teachers in our school to be authentic in their teaching.

My job in particular is to encourage using technology in classes - it was important to learn more about what matters and what not while using the rubrics.

Looking for assessment rubrics for our student inquiry model.

To get a better understanding of modern teaching strategies.

Hearing from practitioners from across all sectors in NZ education -- brainstorming and presenting their ideas and possible change.

I was wanting to see how I could use devices as a tool with teaching and learning.

What aspect of the workshop did you like the most?

Using the rubrics to assess a current unit of work. The rubrics are clear and easy to use and stimulated my thinking as to new and innovative ways of developing and improving my teaching. I will be able to share these with my colleagues as we collaboratively plan for the hubs next year

Hearing the creative ideas of other teachers in how they stretch out the objectives of the learning to ensure fully developed 21CLD experiences

Listening and sharing the experiences from other schools. The Rubrics concept was a good way for us to self assess and analyse others.

The opportunity to look at the school unit plan and see how they go alongside the rubrics. I also liked how we had to prepare and look at certain things before the workshop.

The community engagement and the openness in sharing ideas. Participants also seemed to have found the rubrics quite transformational. well done!

How the rubric can assist in evaluating and designing tasks

The practical - actually creating a unit including the 21 CL ideas.

Looking at the rubrics against an activity we have done at school.

Uninterrupted time to discuss with colleagues.

The collaboration among participants.

Group work.

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