Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Preparing for “The Big Test”

What do we need to know for this test?? Meaning, what do we need to know for the ultimate test that we all face, which is surviving in the world in which we live -- the modern world of new media, war, social issues, depression, lower wages, etc, etc. This question, posed by Wesch (2010) argues that “it’s not about being knowledgeable, but rather being knowledge-able” -- able to work with the knowledge that already exists so as to generate new knowledge that impacts on your world in a meaningful way; that is, in a way which tackles the issues and challenges we face so as to make the world a better place. As a supporting example of how this might play out in education, Wesch (2010) explains how his anthropology class simulates the world to try to solve some of its problems, yet they never end up actually solving anything, but rather leave with more big questions about the problems. To me, this represents progress, because the problems (and their associated big questions) are being refined so that the problem is being crystallised. The more it is refined and crystallised, the better we understand its root causes and therefore the greater our chance of solving the problems (or at the very least mitigating them to a large extent to minimise their impact on the world’s people).