Tuesday, August 5, 2014

eAsTTle Reading -- What Next? #redefinelearning

Do you use the eAsTTle assessment tool to assess your students' reading levels?  Are you wondering, "What next?" for your students now that eAsTTle has identified the areas 'To be achieved' and 'Gaps' in their reading ability?  Well you could visit the TKI 'What Next' page to identify resources suitable for your students, or perhaps try what I did recently with my year 8 students:

Improve your reading score

After viewing their aAsTTle reading report, students selected those areas 'to be achieved' and 'gaps' which they felt were most pressing for them to address and focus on this term.  They copied and pasted these into their own Google document which they had shared with me so I could help them at a more personal level by providing them with guidance in finding suitable materials which would help them improve.  However, instead of me providing them with the links and doing all the hard work, it became the students' responsibility to find resources and hyperlink in their own documents.  To do this, they used the built in 'Research' tool to find web resources which would help them learn the specific skills which they need to address. 

After hyperlinking their areas with links to helpful resources, they copied and pasted their links into a collaborative document which they could then use to access more resources that other students had found.

Although just a starting point, this document represents the nature of learning in a collaborative environment where students need not feel isolated in their learning, but rather realise that others have similar learning needs which they can all work towards addressing together.  

The next step in this process is to curate the resources and see whether some are not suitable and need to be deleted.  Then, I will be setting this up more permanently as a web page with the links displayed in some sort of categorised ordering so that it is more visually appealing to the students. Also, I would ensure that I allow readers of the blog (students, teachers) the ability to add links to further resources so that the resource continues to grow under the community's steam, rather than just my own or that of the students.  An issue of note is that many of the descriptive statements on the eAsTTle reports are quite hard for students to understand themselves, let alone find resources for which they can use to learn the skill/strategy (eg Explore some levels and types of humour used in the text).  In this case, as the teacher I would look to source resources for these descriptors and add the hyperlinks myself; a good place to start is the actual print-out of the easTTle test. 

Of course the final step in the process is for the students to DO the tasks and attempt to improve in their reading using the resources. There needs to be a way for the students to demonstrate their learning; I suggest that students write a brief description of what they did on their blog, or use the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension to capture an image as evidence of their learning.  

(NOTE: Not all 'Descriptors' from eAsTTle are in the document as not all were needed by the students)

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