Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Massey University Study - End of Semester 1 Reflection

How has my knowledge and understanding of ID and learning technologies progressed this term?

Prior to undertaking the study of paper 261.760 at Massey University, my knowledge of learning theories was fairly limited. I had a vague recollection of concepts such as ‘constructivism’ floating around in my head, jammed in-between innumerable other educational bytes that I was attempting to make sense of throughout the run-of-the-mill days that I meandered through in somewhat of a malaise. Once I started the study however, these concepts that were otherwise pinioned in by a vast amount of noise were suddenly released, and teamed up with new words that carried power and ‘resonated’ within me at a deep, fundamental level. Words like ‘cognitivism’ and ‘situated’ started teaming up in my brain, stimulating new ideas to emerge in my frontal-lobe that impassioned me to “give new things a crack” and see what happened. Words like ‘associationism’ started to find their appropriate place, not cast into the deep recesses of my mind but readjusted - positioned at a different angle - cast in a new light; still with a part to play, but given a new sheen and new applications. It was an exciting time.