Friday, May 31, 2013

TOD: BYOSD, HOM, PRIDE and Read-2-Succeed

Today we had a teacher only day focused on:
  1. Promoting BYOSD parents on open evening
  2. Habits of Mind: Using the habits in our practice
  3. Pride: The AJHS motto to be
  4. Read-2-Succeed: aimed at improving the use of novels in our reading programme at year 8 to transition into year 9
1. In my classroom, I will be running two activities to promote the use of smart devices in my classroom. Firstly, students will read text aligned to the integrated focus for term 3 (One Class, Many Cultures) and then respond to the text using collaborative, online commenting via Google Sites. Not sure of the activity that will be used yet. 

2. I will attempt to modify the delivery of my verbal instructions/prompts to utilise habits of mind in dialogue with students.

3. PRIDE: Whanau groups worked to develop a simple acrostic using the word PRIDE. This will become the focus for AJHS citizens.

4. Read-2-Succeed: I will be doing a novel study starting this term, focusing on one novel. Not quite sure what yet.

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