Sunday, December 9, 2012

Surveying Students About My Practice

2012 8R12 students have the opportunity to complete a survey on my teaching.

8R12 students can still complete the survey. View the survey.

View the live summary of responses (updates automatically).

What went well:
  1. Use of technology
  2. PE
  3. I keep students on task
  4. I get involved in activities
  5. Structured lessons
  6. Clear, simple explanations
  7. I'm organised
Even better if:
  1. Keep students more well-informed about their progress
  2. Explain things more clearly
  3. Give more time for projects
  4. Do more projects
  5. More presenting to the class
  6. More varied activities in the literacy tumble
  7. More paper tasks for H/W
  8. Communicate important stuff early

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