Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Managing 'My Portfolio' portfolio

There's no doubt that accountability in appraisal systems for teachers is increasing. We need to show evidence of our practice so that others can confidently say that we are meeting the criteria of an acceptable (or outstanding) teacher. I like this, but at the same time I don't want this to take too much time away from what matters most to me in my practice - the students; their teaching, learning and assessment.

My Portfolio is part of my appraisal and attestation process, so I wanted to figure out how best to set it up so that it worked (easily) for me and didn't eat in (too much) to my already busy schedule. So this is what I did...

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My Pages:

Appraisal Evidence Page:

Each section on the page is a gadget which automatically updates when I add to the other sections in my portfolio. For example, down the right hand side I have gadgets which automatically add journal entries tagged with specific tags related to the registered teacher criteria (grouped according to the nine areas in the STCA). So when I add a journal entry, I tag it appropriately (often with multiple tags for one entry) which automatically populates on my 'Appraisal Evidence' page.

Example journal entry:

This way, I only have to interact with a few of the 'My Portfolio' gadgets (e.g. my journal, PLD) and my 'Appraisal Evidence' page is automatically update. Excellent! And easy!

I also have a gadget that reads the RSS feed for this blog (down the left hand side of 'Appraisal Evidence' page). I use this blog as a large part of my reflective practice and PLD as well, so it makes sense to have a feed in my 'My Portfolio' portfolio.

A final word about 'tags' - they are incredibly powerful, both in My Portfolio and in blogs. Use them wisely and they save a tremendous amount of time! Automate your portfolio using tags to make life easier.

Questions or queries? Comments or theories? Leave below to discuss.

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